Tower of the Mad Mage Guide

Tower of the Mad Mage Guide Authors: Lightbringer, Sharpedge, Viral Last Updated: 22/10/2019 Preface Module 17 brings Neverwinter’s hardest content to date, Tower of the Mad Mage. This Trial is not to be taken lightly and actually poses some threat to the player and preparation is the key to success. This guide outlines what you … Read more

Module 17 Closed Beta Review

Like module 16, I was invited into the Module 17 closed beta. This time it was organized a little differently to the previous closed beta and for those curious, this article aims to go over and highlight what changed and what, in my opinion, can be improved. First off, instead of dealing directly with the … Read more

Castle Ravenloft Guide

Neverwinter Ravenloft brought the new endgame dungeon Castle Ravenloft. If you are familiar with most group content in Neverwinter, you will find this dungeon stands out as somewhat unique in terms of design. It features a very heavy focus on mechanics and a limited one on actually dealing damage to opponents. This guide aims to … Read more