Stronghold Siege Guide

Event description Stronghold Siege is a 20vs20 pvp/pve content which is basically a war between two guilds.Unlike the usual PVE or PVP contents of the game, the goal of the siege event is to destroy the other guild’s stronghold (not permanently, don’t panic). This can be achieved in two different ways: Shooting with catapults. Summoning … Read more

Neverwinter basics: Economy

Intro The aim of this short guide is to give a quick overview on Neverwinters basic economic concepts and currencies: Astral Diamonds, Rough Astral Diamonds, ZEN, The ZEN AD eXchange (ZAX) and its cap, AD sinks, refinement cap, inflation and so on. This is not a guide on how to make AD or how to … Read more

DPS Tracker

Small tool to show self DPS in a time window, and the utilization of debuffs and Combat advantage. Its best used for self improvement and measuring rotation and not comparison to others. To run:Download the file hereLunch the game with -NoAutoRotateLogs Activate the dps tracker, right click the window and enter settings: Set your handle … Read more