Feat 20% chance when damaging a Frozen enemy to Shatter them, dealing 250 Magnitude damage and Stunning them for 5 seconds.

Shatter Strike

Feat Deal 150 Magnitude damage to Control Immune enemies with Control Powers. Does not trigger off of Ray of Frost.


Frozen Status Effect Upon reaching 6 stacks of Chill, Ray of Frost or Icy Terrain may freeze a target, stunning them for 2 seconds.

Combustive Action

Combustive Action Class Feature Gain 10 Action Points every time you kill an enemy afflicted by Smoulder with a non Smoulder ability. Bug: Gain 200 Action Points instead of 10.


A multiplier on weapon damage. A power that deals 100 magnitude, hits for 100% of weapon damage.

Action Point Gain

The base Action Point Gain of a power is equal to its Cast Time multiplied by 1.67.

Iced Lightning

Feat Increases the damage of Lightning Bolt, Storm Spell, Storm Fury and Maelstrom of Chaos by 10% when an enemy is afflicted with Chill.

Striking Advantage

Feat Dealing Combat Advantage damage has a 20% chance to trigger an additional hit for 80 Magnitude. This always deals Combat Advantage damage

Storm Fury

Class Feature When you are hit by an enemy, they are shocked for 50 magnitude damage. This only occurs once every 3 seconds