Swath of Destruction

Swath of Destruction Class Feature Debuff: 2% Persists so long as Smoulder is present.

Rimefire Weaving

Feat Reduces an enemies Damage Resistance by 5% if they are afflicted by Chill, 5% if they are afflicted by Smoulder and 10% if they are afflicted by Rimefire Smoulder. Does not stack. Bug: If you stack Smoulder, it stacks.

Elemental Reinforcement

Feat Using an Encounter Power gives you a 5% damage buff for 10 seconds. If you alternate between different power types, you gain a 10% bonus instead.

A Step Above Mastery

A Step Above Mastery Feat Increase the damage buff for Arcane Stacks by 0.5%, up to 1% per stack. Raises the maximum number of Arcane Stacks to 10.

Assailing Force

Feat 10% chance on Encounter use for your next Encounter to deal double damage.

Chilling Presence

Chilling Presence Class Feature 0.5% increased damage to all powers for every stack of Chill, capping at 3%. Doubled against Frozen targets.


Class Feature 5% increased damage to powers with the AoE tag.

Arcane Presence

Arcane Presence Feat Your Arcane Stacks now apply to Lightning, Fire and Cold powers.

Chaos Magic

Feat Using an encounter has a 5% chance to grant one of the following buffs: Rapid Recovery – gives 100% RSI for 5 seconds. Quick Action – 200 AP over 5 seconds. Not to be confused with the snail Quick Action. Power Surge – 100% At will damage for 5 seconds.

Arcane Power Field

Arcane Power Field Class Feature Magic, DoT Ticks: 4 On Daily Power use, double the damage buff from Arcane Stacks and deal 50 magnitude per second. Bug: Doesn’t Increase the bonus from A Step Above Mastery.