Frozen Status Effect Upon reaching 6 stacks of Chill, Ray of Frost or Icy Terrain may freeze a target, stunning them for 2 seconds.

Iced Lightning

Feat Increases the damage of Lightning Bolt, Storm Spell, Storm Fury and Maelstrom of Chaos by 10% when an enemy is afflicted with Chill.

Striking Advantage

Feat Dealing Combat Advantage damage has a 20% chance to trigger an additional hit for 80 Magnitude. This always deals Combat Advantage damage

Storm Fury

Class Feature When you are hit by an enemy, they are shocked for 50 magnitude damage. This only occurs once every 3 seconds

Storm Spell

Class Feature When you Critically Hit, there is a 20% chance to shock your target for 100 Magnitude damage. This always Critically hits

Directed Flames

Directed Flames Feat Removes the DoT portion of Smoulder and converts it into a single hit for 64 magnitude. Has a 12 second Internal Cooldown.  

Critical Burn

Critical Burn Feat Increases your Critical Severity by 10% and increases the damage of Smoulder and Rimefire Smoulder by 25% on Critical Hits

Glowing Flames

Glowing Flames Feat Smoulder deals 16 Magnitude damage to enemies within 15’ of the afflicted target. Increases to 48 Magnitude with Directed Flames Bug: Does not benefit from Critical Burn

Smouldering Recovery

Smouldering Recovery Feat Every hit dealt by Smoulder to an enemy regenerates 0.25% Action Points.

Critical Conflagration

Critical Conflagration Class Feature Dealing a Critical Hit triggers Smoulder Increases Critical Severity by 10% Bug: Triggers off of Chill Stacks